SF Canada Author Biographies

Colleen Anderson
Katrina Archer
Daniel Beaudin
M.D. Benoit
Matthew Bin
Chantal Boudreau
Geoffrey W. Cole
Carolyn J. Clink
Lesley Choyce
Darke Conteur
Graham J. Darling
Robert Dawson
Arinn Dembo
Rebecca Diem
Marcelle Dubé
Ann Dulhanty
Dave Duncan
Claire Eamer
Charles-Étienne Ferland
Peter J. Foote
Susan Forest
Jane Glatt
Kim Goldberg
Cait Gordon
Jason M. Harley
Christine Hart
Elizabeth Hirst
Sandy Hunter
Deborah Jackson
Kristin Janz
Eileen Kernaghan
C.S. MacCath
Joe Mahoney
Melanie Marttila
Donna McMahon
Nina Munteanu
Claudiu Murgan
Ira Nayman
Scott Overton
John Park
David Perlmutter
Kristene Perron
Sherry D. Ramsey
Spider Robinson
Simon Rose
Robert Runte
Holly Schofield
Alison Sinclair
Douglas Smith
Su Sokol
Dale L. Sproule
Lorina Stephens
Michael F. Stewart
Bevan Thomas
Lisa Timpf
Sarah Tolmie
Shereen Vedam
Élisabeth Vonarburg
KT Wagner
Nancy S.M. Waldman
Sara Walker
Diane Walton
Krista Wallace
Matthew Williams
Neil Williams



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  2. Or, how do I update it? The image, sadly, is quite out of date.

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