SF Markets

We are regularly out on the Web. When we find a great site we list it.

International Markets for Speculative Fiction

  1. Diabolical Plot’s Submission Grinder
  2. Duotrope’s Digest
  3. Douglas Smith’s Foreign Market List
  4. Ralan.com

Canadian Markets for Speculative Fiction

Weird and Wonderful

  1. TED: Ideas Worth Spreading
  2. World Future Society
  3. Singularity Hub
  4. NewScientist
  5. Space.com
  6. io9
    Entertainment, science, and futuristic culture for people who want to escape the everyday.
  7. Crazy Ape Tumblr
    The Crazy Ape Tumblr is a running sequence of photo essays on anthropology and archaeology, with a distinct focus on the wonderful and obscure.

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