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New Releases

Allan Weiss‘ “Firetrees” was published in “Diversity of Voices: A Global Storytelling History”

This is the first anthology that we have produced that reflects a conference since our 2018 conference in Lisbon. Even though we produced an anthology in 2020 with the theme of a conference, the conference itself was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As noted in the Introduction, we also produced anthologies in 2021 and 2022, again without the pleasure of having attended a conference. Five years have gone by since our last “official” conference anthology. Needless
to say, we are all overjoyed to provide this one for our readers in 2023. This edition comes with the history of those five years, which includes almost all of the human experience. Everything from death, births, joy, sorrow, decadence, and elegance are reflected in these stories. In this edition, writers have displayed an incredible amount of knowledge about how humanity works, and especially the tremendous forces behind it. Critics will be pleased about discovering those
tenets of romanticism, naturalism, realism, and existentialism buried so skillfully within the stories published here. It is indeed intriguing, because these authors simply wrote about the human condition during a common global confinement, with none of these so-called “isms” in mind. Such is the nature of humanism. Please enjoy these “global storytelling histories.”

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Noah Chinn has a new book out!

Out of fuel and captured by pirates in his beat up chimera of a ship, Maurice “Moss” Foote is having a bad day, until he gets a lead on the score of a lifetime. Easy pickings, if his crew doesn’t mind doing a bit of pirating themselves.

Moss certainly doesn’t. His ship’s computer, Violet, might. And his co-pilot, Hel, definitely will. But one tiny little lie might get them both on board.

What’s the worst that could happen?

Roy Herzog is having a worse day. He lost everyone he could stomach working with, then crossed paths with the Silver Legion, the very organization he deserted to become a pirate.

Unfortunately for him, the Legion does not forget, and does not easily forgive. But there might be a way out, and perhaps a shot at revenge against the pilot who nearly killed him.

A pilot who flies a chimera.

Check it out: https://www.noahchinnbooks.com/my-books/lost-cargo/


Alexander Zelenyj has four new releases to announce:

1: My retrospective story compendium THESE LONG TEETH OF THE NIGHT is now available in digital format from Fourth Horseman Press, along with hardcover and trade paperback editions.

2: My story collection BLACKER AGAINST THE DEEP DARK is now available in a digital eBook edition from Eibonvale Press, along with hardcover and trade paperback editions.

3: My Bizarro limited edition mini-collection of flash stories/vignettes, HAMMER-FIGHTS, is due to be released in December 2023 from Somniatis Press.

4: My story “The Potato Thief Beneath Indifferent Stars”, has been published in French translation in SOLARIS #228. Translation by Pascal Raud.


Michèle Laframboise’s “Banlieue-bonbon” is out in this December’s Géante Rouge 31.


Edited by Stephen Kotowych, the e-book of Year’s Best Canadian Fantasy and Science Fiction: Volume One is now available

Year’s Best Canadian Fantasy & Science Fiction: Volume One showcases the powerful, award-winning fantastical fiction being written by Canadians today.

Discover the magic woven by more than three dozen of Canada’s finest established and emerging fantasy and science fiction writers, including Premee Mohamed, Peter Watts, Kate Heartfield, Ai Jiang, Eric Choi, and Suzan Palumbo, among others.

From hard science fiction that propels you through the cosmos to haunting fantasy that lingers in the recesses of your imagination, join these writers as they explore the wonderous, the contemporary, the futuristic, and what it means to be human—all through the lens of the fantastic.

Everywhere else (incl. B&N, Apple Books, Smashwords, overseas retailers, etc.): https://books2read.com/u/m06V50


Ira Nayman’s short story “Non-evitable Extinction Event” has been published in the anthology Apocalyptales: The End is Nigh


Issue #63 of Sirens Call contains three drabbles (p.334) by Robert Runtè –  “The Family Home” (original to this issue) and two reprints: “Staked to the Stars” originally published by Microfiction Monday and “Spellcheck” originally published by ScribesMicro. Siren’s Call is free to download. #63 is the Halloween issue.


Candas Jane Dorsey’s novel He Wasn’t There Again Today is out!

 The nameless amateur sleuth of The Adventures of Isabel and What’s the Matter with Mary Jane? has often said that death is too good for Lockwood Chiles — who is in prison for killing her beloved partner, Nathan, and her close friend Pris — and makes no secret that she hates the man who massacred her shot at happiness. So when Chiles ends up dead in his cell, it’s no wonder she becomes a prime suspect. Meanwhile, a homeless man living in a tent behind the Epitome Apartments has been kicked to death by a gang of well-groomed thugs, and our nameless friend has foolishly promised to help find the killers. How many times can she be struck by this kind of lightning? Apparently, a lot.







R. Graeme Cameron reviews “A God in Hiding” by Matthew Hughes and Pulp Literature Magazine #40.

Podcasts and Interviews

Noah Chinn is on Mythbehaving with Karai and Rob  to talk about science fiction, fantasy, “kids” cartoons, and our favorite quotes and scenes


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