New release! Super-Earth Mother by Guy Immega

SF Canada member Guy Immega is excited to announce his new novel, Super-Earth Mother

Super-Earth Mother: The AI that Engineered a Brave New World” is a captivating saga of humanity’s endeavor to survive and thrive in an alien world.

It starts with the unexpected death of lunar magnate Walcott, and the ascension of Mother-9, an artificial intelligence, who seizes control of Walcott’s mining operation and orchestrates humanity’s most audacious endeavor, and Walcott’s dream – sending a colony ship to Lalande 21185.

After a devastating gamma ray burst wipes out life on Earth, Mother-9’s mission turns from Walcott’s visionary dream to humanity’s last hope.

As the ship reaches Lalande 21185, also known as Valencia, the narrative shifts to the new world. From the Mothership in orbit, two lifeboats descend, touching down in Valencia’s Great Ocean. Mother-9 triggers the activation of its artificial womb, birthing genetically modified humans. Raised by nannybots, these children eventually inhabit the island continent of Terra Firma.

But life on Valencia is no Eden; it’s a constant struggle for sustenance against predators and alien elements.
“Super-Earth Mother” is a refreshing departure from conventional colonization novels, a journey into the heart of artificial intelligence, humanity, and the uncharted realms of life beyond our home planet.


About the Author:

Author Guy Immega is a retired aerospace engineer and entrepreneur, bringing his expertise and imagination to the novel’s scientific concepts and futuristic technology. He has also published several short stories from Super-Earth Mother in acclaimed anthologies, showcasing his talent as a writer in the science fiction genre.

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