How to Join

Professional Requirements (updated June, 2015)

Must have published a minimum of:

  • three speculative fiction short stories (under 7,500 words), or two novelettes (7500 – 17,499 words), or a novella (17,500 – 39,999 words), in professional markets (defined as paying a minimum of $0.025/word), or in Canadian markets approved by the board of directors.


  • one speculative fiction novel (traditionally or self-published) selling a minimum of 100 copies and earning a minimum of $300.


  • a minimum of 5 speculative poems in professional markets, earning in total, a minimum of $25.00.

Must edit for (or be) a publisher that qualifies as professional publisher for SFC purposes; or have edited four or more speculative fiction novels or collections that would qualify their authors for SFC membership; or edited/co-edited one or more speculative fiction anthologies.

Must have published at least three books (by authors other then themselves) or three issues of their periodical and offer rates/royalties that would qualify authors for SFC membership.

Must have earned a minimum of $200 through the publication of a minimum of 3 pieces of speculative art in professional speculative fiction markets (periodicals paying $0.025/word or books selling a minimum of 100 copies / earning royalties of at least $300.)

Must have an advanced degree (or be registered in an advanced degree program) relevant to the mission of SFC and some substantial combination of thesis, dissertation, conference papers, published articles or books, and/or teaching related to speculative fiction.

Non-fiction Writers
Must have earned a minimum of $300 from the publication of works in professional speculative fiction markets; or three articles or chapters of literary criticism in professional periodicals or peer reviewed scholarly journals / books; or one book of non-fiction related to the mission of SFC.

Other related professionals (e.g., agents, librarians, bibliographers) with a specialized interest in speculative fiction will be evaluated by on a case-by-case basis.

For all the above categories, work must be in publications with ISBN or ISSN designations; online professional markets without ISBN/ISSN designations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Applicants not meeting the above criteria for any one category may apply with a combination of work to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis


A one-year membership costs $35 (reduced to $16 for those under financial stress). The fixed renewal date is on Canada Day, but members who join after January 1 are credited with the July 1 renewal.

Two members living at the same address qualify for a common $35 rate.

To Apply for Membership

If you wish to apply to become a member, please email the membership committee at:


Or write via postal mail to:

SF Canada c/o Jane Glatt
35 Southshore Crescent # 103
Hamilton, ON
L8E 0J2

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