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Dog-lovers might appreciate “Why Do I Dream?” in the current issue of NewMyths that came from after author Lisa Timpf said goodbye to a beloved pet.


Polar Borealis magazine #29 (March 2024 issue) has been published online and is available for free download.


Issue #14 of Polar Starlight, Canada’s speculative poetry magazine, has been published online and is available for free download.


The second book of Arlene F. Mark’s The Nash’terel THE BLOODSTONE is available now. You can read a sample here.

Sixteen years have passed since the corrupt Council of the First was purged. Since then, the Nash’terel, shapeshifting essence vampires from a distant world, have resumed their quiet lives on Earth, hiding their true nature from their human prey.

In small town Ontario, Travis lives with his adoptive grandpas, dividing his time between school and hockey practice. Everyone, including Travis, thinks he’s an ordinary Canadian teen, until a series of uncontrolled shapeshifts and a growing telekinetic talent reveal his Nash’terel heritage. Having “superpowers” sounds great, until he has to put his dream of NHL stardom on hold and move across the country to train them.

He may not be happy, but he’s going to need control of those powers in order to survive. Someone has put a bounty on dashkra, the alien mineral that all Nash’terel carry inside them. While Travis struggles to adjust to his new existence, his grandpas and their contacts must work to find out who has turned their kind into prey—yet again.


Reviews and Interviews

Vancouver Sun reviews Shadow Matter by SF Canada member S.W. Mayse, saying it contains “Elements of myth and classical history are blended with a fierce feminist perspective reminiscent of the iconic Ursula LeGuin.”


“Exercise Your Writes” interview with Lisa Timpf, who takes viewers on a tour of her “For Laika” exhibit in Second Life.


Robert Runte reviews “The Lost Expedition” by Douglas Smith.


Graeme Cameron review The Golden Amazon “Parasite Planet” by John Russell Fearn.


Noah Chinn interviews Arlene Marks about her latest book, The Bloodstone.



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