Alison Sinclair

The question “Where do you come from?” tends to elicit an itinerary: I was raised in Edinburgh, Scotland and Victoria B.C: since then I’ve lived in five cities in Canada, one in the US, and one in the UK, and acquired University degrees in four of them.

My first published novel, Legacies, came out in February 1995 from Millennium, the science fiction imprint of Orion, London — which cuts a fairly long story short, since it was five years plus in the writing and another two in the revising. It garnered good reviews and a spot on Locus’ Best of Year List for first novels. Blueheart was completed during my first year of medical school, and published in November 1996. Cavalcade was published in November 1998 and shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke Award for that year. Throne Price written in collaboration with Lynda Williams, was published by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, in 2003. My first fantasy novel, Darkborn, came out in May 2009, followed by Lightborn in June 2010, and Shadowborn in June 2011. Three SF novels are, ahem!, still looking for a home.

My website is at (also .com). I keep an admittedly desultory blog entitled Incidental Findings, and tweet under the handle alixsinc (my usual handle was taken). I also contribute to a group kayaking blog over at Kayak Yak.

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