Élisabeth Vonarburg

And who the Hell is this ???

Born to life in 1947 (France), and to science-fiction in 1964. Teaches French Literature and Creative Writing on and off at various universities in Quebec (since immigration in 1973). “Fulltime writer” since 1990, (despite a PhD. in Creative Writing, 1987), i.e. translator, SF convention organizer, literary editor (Solaris magazine), essayist.

Still managed to publish some fiction, including thirteen novels, some translated in English (The Silent City, The Maerlande Chronicles, Reluctant Voyagers, Tyranaël, Book I and II); seven short story collections in French, two in English (Slow Engine of Time, Blood Out of A Stone); also three poetry collections. And three books for children and YA. More than thirty awards in France, Canada, Quebec and the United States. Her recent series, Reine de Mémoire (2005-2007, five books), received four major awards in Quebec.

More at www.sfwa.org/members/vonarburg

or, for valiant bilingual explorers : www.noosfere.org

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