Current Board of Directors:

President: Arinn Dembo (British Columbia)
Vice President: Matthew Bin (Ontario)
Secretary Treasurer: Jane Glatt (Ontario)
Director At Large: Joe Mahoney (Ontario)
Director At Large: Dr. Robert Runté (Alberta)


Web Administrator: Adam Israel, Ontario
Web Content Manager: Christine Hart, British Columbia

Past Presidents:

Robert Dawson
Ira Nayman
Lynda Williams
Ann Dulhanty
Peter Halasz
Steve Stanton
Edward Willett
Colleen Anderson
Derryl Murphy
Candas Jane Dorsey
Mark Shainblum
Hugh Spencer
Jean-Louis Trudel
Karl Schroeder

Lifetime Memberships:

Phyllis Gotlieb
Spider Robinson
Élisabeth Vonarburg
Dave Duncan

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