Neil Williams

Neil Williams was born in Montreal, QC and lived his first decade in Quebec, but has lived most of his life in southern Ontario. He has also lived in Vancouver, B.C, the U.K., and has the dubious notoriety of being kicked out of Romania for being a purveyor of anti-social hooliganism (I was a distributor for alternative rock labels and I didn’t always use the official distribution channels). Neil has worked in radio and wrote and produced radio drama, though most of his work was in writing and producing alternative rock band biographies. Neil has post graduate degrees in Anthropology and in Sociology and he taught in the Ontario community college system for 26 years. He is now officially retired. This gives more time for writing…

Neil writes alternative history and interplanetary space opera. He also continues to write some audio drama. He is an unrepentant Leftist — a “petty bourgeois anarchist” who, although a definitely a “fellow traveller”, must state that he “is not, nor has he ever been, a member of a communist party” (This is more for CSIS who inherited my file from the RCMP, and still have me listed as a member of the Communist Party of Canada). Neil’s left-of-centre views do enter into his fiction.

Neil never quite knows what to put into these sort of mini-biographies and has probably babbled too much anyway 😉

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