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Down Finnegan’s Hollow by Darke Conteur


Book coverIt started with a children’s song and turned into a nightmare.

When Madison Hart lost her grandmother, she lost the last chance to learn about the maternal side of her family, until she came across some old photos and a bill of sale for a house in the small town of Yorke Mills. Excited by the find, Madison embarks on an adventure of discovery, only to learn a dark secret connects the town with an old mine that lies submerged beneath a lake.

A malevolent entity dwells within Lake Finnegan’s waters, where the bodies of several young girls have been found over the decades. Madison is horrified to learn that the evil is set to return, and several young girls—her daughter included—are its intended victims. The entity is strong and bent on revenge, and the only person who has been able to keep it under control is too old to continue the fight.

As the days tick down to a rare Blue Moon, Madison searches for ways to break the curse and keep her daughter and future little girls of Yorke Mills alive.



Shadow Matter by S. W. Mayse

The war is lost. Seren Qasri is on her way home, her memories of the final days of the war a disturbing blur. Her occupied homeworld of Claer is in ruins, her mother is missing, and her lost love Teak Kuhan survives only as an avatar. All Seren knows for certain is that she must report in with her data—information that could force a renegotiation of the peace treaty and free her homeworld.

But Seren’s commanding officers aren’t the only ones who want that data or knowledge of the events buried in her memory. Pursued by ruthless killers, Seren doesn’t know who she can trust.

As her memories of a diplomatic courier’s murder return in fragments, Seren strikes a truce with Tas Damou, the freelance who once betrayed her. They detest each other, but only Damou can help Seren stay alive long enough to carry out her task … and prevent another war from engulfing human space.

Check out the publisher’s website for buy links and a sample chapter!


Graham J. Darling has a new short story out this month. “JON CARVER OF BARZOON, YOU MISUNDERSTOOD” can be found in “Black Sheep: Unique Tales of Terror and Wonder, November 2023, Number 5”

Click here for the link. 


Australia’s Antipodean SF #301 (Nov 1, 2023) has reprinted Robert Runté’s flash story “Fami’s Watch”,  which originally appeared in Polar Borealis #20, Dec 2021.

Click here for the link.


Havok Publishing published Lisa Timpf’s flash fiction story “Cerby’s First Day,” a re-imagining of Cerberus’ first day in the Underworld.

Click here for the link.


Upcoming Events

SF Canada member Bernadette Gabay Dyer will be hosting an evening of Prose and Poetry on Dec 6th ; 6:30 to 8:00 at High Park Library located on Roncesvalles Ave in Toronto.


Terry Birdgenaw  won the 2023 Gold Medal for best YA Sci Fi novel from Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards for ‘Antuna’s Story’. ‘The Rise and Fall of Antocracy’ also got an Honorable Mention among Fiction – Environmental Thrillers


Douglas Smith’s YA urban fantasy novel, The Hollow Boys, won the Indie Author Project award for Best YA Novel in the Ontario region.



Cait Gordon talks about her latest book: “Season One: Iris and the Crew Tear Through Space!”

Click here for the link.


Ira Nayman talks about being an editor of Amazing Stories and also about being a writer.

Click here for the link.



Robert Runté reviewed Chris Lewis’s Trouble Wore Red


Lisa Timpf reviewed Jes Battis’ The Winter Knight for the The Miramichi Reader


Robert Runté reviewed  State of the Ark: Canadian Future Fiction Edited by Lesley Choyce





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