Kim Goldberg

KimGoldbergKim Goldberg is an award-winning poet, journalist, and author of six books. She is a winner of the Rannu Fund Poetry Prize for Speculative Literature, the Goodwin’s Award for Excellence in Alternative Journalism, and other distinctions. Kim’s speculative stories and poems have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies in Canada and beyond including Literary Review of Canada, Tesseracts Eleven, Here Be Monsters, Zahir Tales, Switched-On Gutenberg, On Spec, ChiZine, Astropoetica, Chimera, Poetry is Dead, Prairie Fire, Lake, West Coast Line, The Dalhousie Review, Istanbul Literature Review, and elsewhere.

Kim’s first poetry collection, Ride Backwards on Dragon, was a finalist for Canada’s Gerald Lampert Award. In it, she maps her own tumultuous journey through Taoist metaphysics and internal alchemy using the 66-move sequence of Liuhebafa, an ancient Chinese martial art (and purportedly an encoded recipe for immortality) that she has studied since 1997. Her latest poetry collection is Red Zone, a graffiti-strewn poem diary of homelessness and street life in Nanaimo, BC, where she lives. Red Zone has been taught in university literature courses. Kim is also the author of four nonfiction books. For her complete publishing history go here.

Born in Eugene, Oregon, Kim moved to Nanaimo with her family during the Vietnam War years. She holds a degree in biology, is an avid birdwatcher, and has supported herself from her writing for most of her life. Her website and alter ego in cyberspace is Pig Squash Press.

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