Nina Munteanu’s Splintered Universe Trilogy now out on Audible!

The new remastered audiobooks of Nina Munteanu’s popular Splintered Universe Trilogy featuring Galactic Guardian Detective Rhea Hawke is now out on Audible. Narrated by Dawn Harvey, the trilogy follows the intrepid, though often misguided, detective as she tries to solve the mysterious genocide of a spiritual sect on some backwater planet. She bungles her mission by killing her only lead and instead discovers a conspiracy to exterminate humanity by an alien race only she thinks exists. It goes downhill for her from there. She gets fired and her sentient ship–her only friend–is impounded. Her whole life comes apart. Her only chance to rebuild it is to prove that her discovery is true. That leads her down a rabbit hole into a dangerous world of intrigue, full of unsavory shape-shifting characters, dust smuggling, giant flying crustaceans, amorous toxic plants. and portals into mirror universes.
Ms. Harvey’s voice of Rhea Hawke is rich like coffee, sexy yet vulnerable. Says one Goodreads review: “Dawn Harvey breathed incredible life into the lead character, Rhea Hawke–boh sarcastic and vulnerable…a detective with a cynical edge, and sultry voice tinged with wry sarcasm. The story unfolded through Rhea’s narrative like an old film noir as she unraveled mysteries that led to the greatest one: her own.”

Su J Sokol’s Cycling to Asylum to be published in French!

The French-language rights to Su J Sokol’s Sunburst-nominated first novel, Cycling to Asylum were purchased by VLB Imaginaire, a new imprint of VLB Éditeur of Groupe VIlle-Marie Literature. The  French version will be titled Les Lignes Invisibles and will be translated by Émilie Laramée, who most recently translated Rich Larson’s Rêves de drones et autres entropies. The anticipated launch date is June 2022. Keep your eyes open for the cover reveal and other related events!

Tracy Cooper-Posey’s new releases!

SF Canada member Tracy Cooper-Posey has several exciting announcements!:

  1. Space Opera Digest 2022: Have Ship Will Travel is available for pre-order at most bookstores.  Edited by Tracy, and including a story by Cameron Cooper, and a handful of SF Canada members.  It releases on January 27th.
  2.  The Captain Who Broke the Rules, story 2 of the pulp-ish space opera adventure series, Ptolemy Lane, by Cameron Cooper, was released on January 13th.
  3.  Mongrels United, Book 7 of the science fiction romance series, The Endurance, by Tracy, will be released on January 27th.
  4. Submissions are open for Urban Fantasy Digest 2022:  The Wizard Must Be Stopped!,  edited by Tracy.  Deadline May 15th.

New Releases: Two Anthologies from the Kawartha Lake Writers, Edited by Sara C. Walker

Sara C. Walker poses with her two latest books

Congratulations to SF Canada member Sara C. Walker! She has published two anthologies of short stories from the famous Kawartha Lake Writers Group. The eclectic mix of tales includes speculative genres.
Cover of Kawartha Lake Stories: Autumn
1. Kawartha Lakes Stories: Autumn features stories set in the municipality of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario during the autumn season, with stories by new and accomplished writers including Nina Munteanu, Jean Booker, and J. Stephen Thompson.
cover for Matters of Time anthology
2. Matters of Time features stories from the Kawartha Lake Writer’s Group that includes Sharon Overend (award winner and Journey Prize nominee), Altaire Gural (playwrite, whose plays have been performed around the world) and Lori Rowsell (whose YA novel will be published early next year.)