Love Letters to Water: An Anthology now available!

Love Letters to Water: An Anthology, conceived and created by SF Canada member Claudiu Murgan, been released by Manor House Publishing!

It gathers 34 authors from 14 countries (Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, France, UK, India, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Finland, Denmark, Japan, The Netherlands) with contributors who include SF Canada member Nina Munteanu, as well as Wade Davis, Emmi Itäranta, Ian Prattis, Lars Muhl, David Zetland, and Carol Kelby. The forward is by the renowned scientist, Gerald Pollack.

The global importance of water to human life cannot be overstated. Love Letters to Water strives to bring forward various points of view and enhance the importance of how we behave vis-à-vis water. From shamans to energy healers, from scientists to economists, all contribute to showing how significant of a role water plays in their life, spiritual journey, and professional development.

Claudiu Murgan, the anthology initiator, primary author, editor and chief contributor, is also the author of three fiction books, two of which are about water. For more about Claudiu, visit:

You can buy Love Letters to Water: An Anthology here.  Proceeds go to fund a new water pump and water reservoir for an orphanage in Cameroon.

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