New Release: The Deer Yard and Other Stories, edited by Joe Mahoney

Cover for The Deer Yard and Other Stories by Tom Mahoney

Congratulations to SF Canada member Joe Mahoney! He has published an important volume of biographical short fiction, “The Deer Yard and Other Stories”, based on the life and writings of his father, Tom Mahoney.
The blurb for this lively collection reads:
Tom Mahoney grew up on a small family farm in Johnville, New Brunswick. Despite a lack of modern conveniences such as running water and electricity, he wouldn’t have had it any other way. Tom’s was a world of natural beauty; of soft and lonely quiet. Life was never dull. His active imagination was nourished by ghosts and demons, intrepid priests, drunken neighbours, redneck bullies, frightened deer, angry bears, wannabe circus dogs, and plenty of shenanigans. From these seeds great stories grew. Drawing on his own experiences and those of his family — his father was also a gifted storyteller — Tom’s humorous and touching tales, spanning decades, brim with colour and authenticity.
The books is now available in e-book and paperback formats on Amazon!

New Releases: Write Faster with Your Word Processor, by Geoff Hart

Cover of Write Faster With Your Word Processor by Geoff Hart


SF Canada member Geoff Hart has released a new non-fiction writing manual with Diaskeuasis Publishing of Quebec.

Write Faster With Your Word Processor is a problem-solving guide to help writers improve their efficiency. Although the text uses Word 2019 for most of its examples, the same techniques and recommendations can be applied to almost any writing software.


“Word processors are tools of the writer’s trade, and like all professionals, writers should master their tools. Whether you’re happy with your current writing approach and productivity, or have grown frustrated with the limitations imposed by your current skills, there’s always room for improvement. In this book, I’ll teach you how to improve your existing skills and learn new ones. As you master these skills, you’ll find yourself focusing more on the craft of writing and less on the tools themselves. That means you’ll write better and faster, with less need for revision. But I’ll also teach you the skills you need to revise your manuscript effectively and to work with editors and publishers once your manuscript is ready to meet the world.”


Members of SF Canada will receive a 33% discount if they purchase the book via THIS LINK. The same discount is available to Students and members of other professional associations.


New Releases: The Body in the Zero Gee Brothel by Cameron Cooper

Cover for The Body in the Zero Gee Brothel by Cameron Cooper

SF Canada member Cameron Cooper has published a new space opera novelette this week with Stories Rule Press!

The Body In the Zero Gee Brothel is the first story in a series featuring SF noir hero Ptolemy Lane.


“Laws are hard to hold, out in the fringes of known space, but Ptolemy Lane is charged with maintaining peace under the dome of Georgina’s Town, among humans, the docile emre and more.


When a body is discovered in a zero gee suite in the local casino’s brothel wing, Lane is reluctant to get involved. The casino is off limits to his style of law keeping. Only, the body is the casino’s owner, Guisy Oakmint, and Doc Lowry is insisting Lane investigate. Lane soon learns why…”

New Releases: A G**damned Love Story: The Curious Case of Bleeding Heart Yard by Noah Chinn

Book display of "A Goddamned Love Story" by Noah Chinn

SF Canada member Noah Chinn has released a new novel this month!


A G**damned Love Story: The Curious Case of Bleeding Heart Yard features werewolf, witch, and paranormal romance fun. Readers who appreciate romantic comedy + monsters wanted!

“The first half of the worst week of Peter’s life happened when he was a young boy. Being cursed by a witch was bad enough, but what do you do when you don’t even know what the curse is, or when it is supposed to go off? Twenty years later, in a part of London shrouded in myths and urban legends, it does.


Peter might have found his one true love, but there’s a problem. His friend might be able to remove the curse, but there’s a catch. There’s a monster hunting people in London, but no one believes it. A secret government branch is investigating, but they’re incompetent. And the woman Peter loves is doomed to die, but it’s not the first time.


The second half of the worst week of Peter’s life is about to begin…”



(P.S. We love the title! )