New release by Krista D. Ball!

SF Canada member Krista D. Ball has just released Book 3 of the Dark Abyss of Our Sins trilogy, The Sins We Seek!

Walter Cram had taken root amongst the very people who would see him burn. But after all he had done, they still needed him to hunt a rogue mage. So, he would stay and help his enemies. For now.

Captain Stanton Rainier stood between the demons and the innocent more than once now. As secrets revealed themselves, and as he questioned everything he’d been told, Stanton must accept that he is a good man, one of principle, who will protect the innocent with his body and sword no matter the consequences.

For, when Allegra makes a rather innocuous inquiry into the origins of magic, she sets off a series of events that will shake more than individual faith, but the very foundations of the Cathedral.

They all knew there would never be peace without truth, but in that hunt for knowledge, all they found was betrayal, and some of it amongst their very own.

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