New short story by Rebecca M. Senese!

SF Canada member Rebecca M. Senese’s latest short story, “A Future So Bright”, has been published in Blaze Ward Presents 06: Small Gods!

Small Gods.
They aren’t the earth-shakers, but the quiet ones. Or perhaps the loud, brash ones.
We challenged the writers to give us stories without much more than Small Gods.
They came through, as usual, ranging all over the spectrum, as well as all over the emotional map, from the noir of a god created while smoking a cigarette and doing dishes, to the god of pizza delivery (and all the things that might go wrong).
Come take a journey with some of the deities you might not have known until now.

Available at Blaze Ward Presents.
Find more of Rebecca’s writing at her website:

Stories by Edward Willett, Robert Runte, Robert Dawson, and Noah JD Chinn in the Summer of Sci-Fi & Fantasy anthology!

With stories from SF Canada members Edward Willett, Robert Runte, Robert Dawson, and Noah JD Chinn, the Summer of Sci-Fi & Fantasy: Volume One is “a treasure trove of speculative fiction that is sure to excite and captivate even the fussiest of goblins”.

Blast into this black hole of literature, and experience an exciting, lengthy escape with some of the best short stories on the market today. In this volume, we have included 23 stories from 23 very different authors. Whether you love summoned demons on New York subways, a dystopian civilization’s transformation into living, breathing plants, or the discovery of new worlds complete with lost-in-translation space battles with aliens, we have something for everyone.

Published by Saskatoon-based The Author’s Hand. Get a copy today!

New Publication from D. Leitao!

SF Canada member D. Leitao has a new book out on the craft of writing.

Yes, you can hook your readers from page one.

This book is based on a workshop I gave a while ago. Even as I was preparing the workshop, trying to distill the essence of crafting hooky stories in simple, easy-to-understand concepts, I was amazed.
Nobody had ever explained this to me.

Providing all sorts of tips and techniques to help you craft stories that readers won’t quit, Hook Them or Lose Them offers advice that is simple, easy, and flexible enough not to hinder your writing style or dampen your inspiration.

…advice for beginnings and examples of efficient first paragraphs so that you’ll never again freak out wondering how to start your book. Instead, you’ll feel confident that you can hook your reader from page one.

Find Hook Them or Lose Them on D. Leitao’s website and pick up a copy today!

New publications by Alexander Zelenyj!

SF member Alexander Zelenyj is pleased to announce that an expanded German language edition of his 2019 mini-collection Animals of the Exodus (originally published by Eibonvale Press) has been released by Germany’s WhiteTrain Press under the title Tiere des Exodus.

As well, a compendium of Alexander’s short fiction, These Long Teeth of the Night: The Best Short Stories 1999 – 2019, is about to be published by Fourth Horseman Press.

Find more of Alexander’s fiction at his website:

New book in Krista Wallace’s Gatekeeper fantasy series!

The second book in SF Canada member Krista Wallace’s Gatekeeper fantasy series, Gatekeeper’s Deception I – Deceiver, is being published this week!

An uncanny escape, a gift from a dead warrior, a shocking message for Kyer’s ears only, all sow suspicions …

Gatekeeper’s Deception I – Deceiver is available at — and be sure to watch for the 3rd book to be released in June!

Find out more about Krista at her website and her podcast.

Cinq visions dangereuses de l’auteure de SF Michèle Laframboise.

SF Canada member Michèle Laframboise’s latest publication is 5 Histoires de SF dystopique, five dystopian stories reprinted from French science fiction magazines.

Cinq futurs à fuir avant qu’ils nous rattrapent!  Qu’arrivera-t-il quand les IA écriront mieux, et plus vite, que les écrivains? Quand Montréal gèle sous la glace et les coupures de budget, la solidarité résistera-t-elle? Voyez des humains doués de vie éternelle vivre de cruels rappels de leur mortalité. Une femme-termite dont la vie n’a plus de valeur veut vivre ses dernières vacances. Et que peuvent espérer des adolescents coincés dans un vaisseau-génération qui se déglingue au fil des années-lumière?

You can find 5 Histoires de SF dystopique here and you can find more of Michèle’s work at