New Publication from D. Leitao!

SF Canada member D. Leitao has a new book out on the craft of writing.

Yes, you can hook your readers from page one.

This book is based on a workshop I gave a while ago. Even as I was preparing the workshop, trying to distill the essence of crafting hooky stories in simple, easy-to-understand concepts, I was amazed.
Nobody had ever explained this to me.

Providing all sorts of tips and techniques to help you craft stories that readers won’t quit, Hook Them or Lose Them offers advice that is simple, easy, and flexible enough not to hinder your writing style or dampen your inspiration.

…advice for beginnings and examples of efficient first paragraphs so that you’ll never again freak out wondering how to start your book. Instead, you’ll feel confident that you can hook your reader from page one.

Find Hook Them or Lose Them on D. Leitao’s website and pick up a copy today!

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