“Venus and the Milky Way” by Rhea Rose

SF Canada member Rhea Rose’s latest short story, “Venus and The Milky Way”, is now out in Triangulation’s Dark Skies anthology. Who is holding the stars hostage? Don’t we all have the right to star-filled nights? Do you miss our Milky Way Galaxy arcing overhead? Explore answers in these creative tales of human (and alien) reaction to the yin-yang of darkness and light. Journey with us into darkness, for only there can we see the light. Don’t we all have the right?

Rhea Rose has published many speculative fiction and poetry pieces: Evolve, Tesseracts, 1,2,6,9,10,17, Transversions, On Spec, Talebones, Northwest Passages, Masked Mosaic, and Dead North. She has received honorable mentions in the Year’s Best anthologies and was reprinted in Christmas Forever (edited by David Hartwell) and twice made the preliminaries for the Nebula Award. She edited poetry for Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing and for many years hosted the Vancouver Science Fiction and Fantasy (V-Con) writers’ workshops. She is a teacher of creative writing and a graduate of CW ‘84. Her recent works include: Second Contact, Clockwork Canada, Art Song Lab and three Indie novels, The Final Catch: A Tarot Sorceress series. Twice an Aurora nominee, Rhea has a MFA in creative writing.

Find her at www.rheaerose.weebly.com and find Dark Skies here.

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