Tesseracts 22: Alchemy and Artifacts now out!

SF Canada member Lorina Stephens (along with co-editor Susan MacGregor) has edited the latest edition of the Tesseracts series: Alchemy and Artifacts. The ebook is available now; the print version will follow in September 2019.

The 22nd issue of this iconic Canadian speculative fiction anthology is a collection of twenty-three amazing stories based on historical artifacts combined with fantastic historical fiction. The stories meld culture, concept and incident into a rich collection of ‘what if’ speculations that provide warnings yet revel in the cultural celebrations we continue to observe today. They are the touchstones that resonate with all who listen to and learn from the past.

It includes the following stories by SF Canada members:

Order Alchemy and Artifacts (Tesseracts Twenty-Two) from Edge Publishing today!

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