New Publications from Michèle Laframboise!

SF Canada member Michèle Laframboise has been busy lately!

Her latest accomplishments include:

  • Publication of her story Moby Dick’s Doors in the 2022 Space Opera Digest anthology HAVE SHIP, WILL TRAVEL edited by Tracy Cooper-Posey
  • Her YA novel “Le secret de Paloma” (Paloma’s Secret) is a finalist for the Alain Thomas Award at the Toronto French Book Fair
  • Publication of “Cousin Entropy” in the Rosetta Prize Archives — a prize that rewards translations of a text published in another language. (Thanks to N.M. Roshak for this beautiful work on La Cousine Entropie.) See the Future SF site for more details
  •  Recent publication of a non-SF novel with Echofictions, “Safe Harbor”. Read more about it! Eco-fiction, friendship and romance
  • Publication of a short-story “Essential Maintenance” in Neo-Opsis 33

Congratulations, Michèle!

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