Leslie Carmichael’s second children’s book published

amon-raLeslie Carmichael’s second children’s book, The Amulet of Amon-Ra, has been published as of December 2009, by CBAY Books. The book is for 9 and up, and is a time travel novel set in ancient Egypt, during the reign of the femal Pharaoh, Hatshepsut.

“Jennifer has always enjoyed learning about Ancient Egypt, but she never expected to visit there. Just seeing the Egyptian artifacts in her local museum is exciting enough. Then, an old friend of her grandmother gives Jennifer a beautiful, old scarab amulet. And things start to get really weird. After breathing some strange dust from inside her amulet, Jennifer wakes up in Ancient Egypt in a body with a strange but familiar face. Now known as Dje-Nefer, Jennifer explores her new world and tries to blend into her new life. But things in Egypt are not as they seem. Plots and mysteries abound, and Jennifer needs to unravel them if she ever wants to get back home.”

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