SF Canada AGM

SF Canada held its annual general meeting on May 8th, 2010.  Members of the board and other important volunteers for the coming year are as follows:

Board of Directors: Edward Willett (President), Steve Stanton (Vice-President), Sherry Ramsey (Secretary-Treasurer)

Members-at-Large: Jean-Louis Trudel, Lynda Williams, Leslie Carmichael, Diane Walton

Auditors: Diane Walton, Lorina Stephens

Membership Committee: Joe Mahoney, Robert Runte, Steve Stanton, Colleen Anderson, Candas Jane Dorsey

Website Administrator: Sherry Ramsey

Administrative Assistant: Steve Stanton

Thanks to everyone who attended and to everyone who offered their time and expertise in the past year, and welcome or welcome back to those who will be serving the association over the coming year.

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