Note of Condolence: Terri Luanna DaSilva

We are very sad to announce that Terri Luanna DaSilva, the daughter of SF writers Spider and Jeanne Robinson, passed away on December 5th. After losing her mother, Jeanne, to cancer in 2010, Terri fought her own difficult, long, and brave battle against breast cancer.

Terri’s father, Spider Robinson, is well-known for his Callahan’s and Deathkiller series, as well as the Stardance trilogy, penned with his wife Jeanne. Spider is a lifetime member of SF Canada.

The Executive and Membership of SF Canada join to extend our heartfelt condolences to Spider and his family at this tragic time.

Donations to the family, to help offset the crippling medical costs associated with Terri’s illness, may be made at this page:

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