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I have two novels eligible for the Sunburst Awards: Random Dingoes (2015) and It’s Just the Chronosphere Unfolding as it Should (2016). I suspect the latter book is also eligible for all of the other major awards (Aurora, Hugo, Oscar, for all I know).

I did have two short stories that are eligible for awards: “Fools for Fermi” (in Polar Borealis) and “The Writer Did It!” (in Existence is Elsewhen). The former is a short stream of consciousness tale about…well, you should be able to guess from the title. Polar Borealis is available for free download, but I would be happy to send copies of the story to anybody who is interested.

The latter is the first story featuring Schlomo Schwartz, the Kosher Detective; it also introduces the universe where everything that exists was originally created by a writer in another universe but was never made public. Schlomo is a fun character and the universe itself is a hoot; I have already written two more stories in the series and hope to write more as time and inspiration allow. If anybody is curious, I’ll be happy to send a copy of “The Writer Did It!” to you.


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