Books by SF Canada Members – 2002

The Witches of Willowmere

The Witches of Willowmere

by Alison Baird

Trade Paperback (August 2002)
Penguin Books Canada; ISBN: 0141313730


Les Sources de la magie

by Joël Champetier

Paperback – 434 pages  (April 2002)
Alire (Romans); ISBN: 2922145573


Renaissance: Le pouvoir du sang – 3
By Nancy Kilpatrick

Paperback  (April 2002)
Alire; ISBN: 2922145581


Angel Of Darkness

Angel of Darkness

by Charles de Lint

Trade Paperback  (November 2002)
Tor Books; ISBN: 0312874006


Tapping the Dream Tree

by Charles de Lint

Hardcover  (October 2002)
Tor Books; ISBN: 0312874014


Waifs and Strays

by Charles de Lint

Hardcover  (September 2002)
Penguin USA; ISBN: 067003584X


Paragon Lost: A Chronicle of the King’s Blades

by Dave Duncan

Hardcover – 368 pages (October 2002)
Eos (Trade); ISBN: 0380978962


Red Blood Black Ink White Paper: New and Selected Works

by Phyllis Gotlieb

Paperback – 144 pages (2002)
Exile Editions; ISBN: 1-55096-601-4


The Black Chalice

by Marie Jakober

Paperback – 480 pages (February 2002)
Ace; ISBN: 0441008968


Only Call Us Faithful:
A Novel of the Union Underground

by Marie Jakober

Hardcover – 384 pages (December 2002)
Forge; ISBN: 0765303167


Some Things Are Better Left Unplugged

by Vincent Sakowski

Trade Paperback & .PDF – 156 pages (March 2002)
Eraserhead Press; ISBN: 0-9713572-2-6



by Karl Schroeder

Hardcover – 480 pages (May 2002)
Forge; ISBN: 076530371X


Spirit Singer

by Edward Willett

Formats: HTML, Rocketreader, Palmpilot, eBookman, MS Reader, Mobipocket, hiebook, .PDF by request, diskettes & trade paperback
Awe-Struck E-Books/Earthling Press (2002);
ISBN: 1587491486


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