New release by Krista D. Ball!

SF Canada member Krista D. Ball has just released Book 3 of the Dark Abyss of Our Sins trilogy, The Sins We Seek!

Walter Cram had taken root amongst the very people who would see him burn. But after all he had done, they still needed him to hunt a rogue mage. So, he would stay and help his enemies. For now.

Captain Stanton Rainier stood between the demons and the innocent more than once now. As secrets revealed themselves, and as he questioned everything he’d been told, Stanton must accept that he is a good man, one of principle, who will protect the innocent with his body and sword no matter the consequences.

For, when Allegra makes a rather innocuous inquiry into the origins of magic, she sets off a series of events that will shake more than individual faith, but the very foundations of the Cathedral.

They all knew there would never be peace without truth, but in that hunt for knowledge, all they found was betrayal, and some of it amongst their very own.

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“Immaterial Witness” by Graham J. Darling

SF Canada member Graham J. Darling’s latest publication is “Immaterial Witness”. This hard SF/Fantasy/Horror/Courtroom Drama story appears in the Halloween Special 2022 issue of Dark Matter Magazine— even the latest forensic technologies don’t always work the way we’d hope!

Find more of Graham’s work at and find the Halloween issue at Dark Matter.

Augment Nation by Scott Overton now out!

SF Canada member Scott Overton continues his journey to self-publish his SF-thriller novels, releasing his newest volume on October 1, 2022.

Since the age of fourteen Damon Leiter has had a brain-computer interface implanted beneath his skull to correct a neurological disorder. As a teenager, it branded him as an outcast—as an adult it endows him with extraordinary abilities: he may represent the next step in human evolution. When computerized brain augments replace smartphones as the must-have status item, mega-corporations and governments conspire together and marketing becomes mind control. Damon is the only one equipped to lead a global resistance movement. Caught between the fervour of his followers and the tide of rampant consumerism, he can’t be sure he isn’t playing into the hands of the rich and powerful. They may even be in the right. Maybe the real enemy of humankind is Damon Leiter.

Read Scott’s blog post about the book here: and purchase the book through the Universal Book Link at!

The Dream Rider Saga by Douglas Smith!

Douglas Smith has a new urban fantasy trilogy! All three books are written and will soon be available in bookstores.
The series is called THE DREAM RIDER SAGA, and the books are THE HOLLOW BOYS, THE CRYSTAL KEY, and THE LOST EXPEDITION. The series is targeted as Young Adult / Adult crossover, meaning it will appeal to all fans of urban fantasy from mid-teens up.
The first book in the trilogy, THE HOLLOW BOYS, is now available!

THE HOLLOW BOYS was released on all major book retailers on October 15, 2022. Go here to check out the amazing cover and the book description: Select your preferred retailer, and you’ll be taken to the retailer’s store for your home country.

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Tina Beier’s Rising Action Publishing Co. publishes Perils of Sea and Sky!

SF Canada member Tina Beier has been busy. Her publishing house, Rising Action Publishing Collective, a dedicated independent publisher committed to supporting diverse authors and stories, is soon releasing Norwegian writer Lilian Horn’s Perils of Sea and Sky!

In the early 1700s, the discovery of anti-gravity technology led to the development of the aeroship trade. But there is one area into which no sky captain dares to venture, and that is the Grey Veil: an inhospitable fog threatening the lives and sanity of all who enter. With the Veil under a strict travel-ban, most level-headed pilots circumvent this treacherous place. Captain Rosanne Drackenheart, on the other hand, makes a pretty penny conducting her smuggling operation through the very edge of the mysterious fog.

When she is blackmailed into searching for a lost warship, she is forced to venture into the untraversed bowels of the Veil. Rosanne must protect her crew from mystical creatures, defend against pirates gunning for her ship, and save herself from the creature known as the Forest Devil.

Featuring Scandinavian myths and steampunk elements, Perils of Sea and Sky is a thrilling high fantasy adventure.

“A rollicking adventure with innovative technology and characters you’d trust with your life—or your imagination!” —Shelley Adina, bestselling author of the Magnificent Devices steampunk series

“[Perils of Sea and Sky] is a riveting story that will keep readers glued to their seats until its satisfying conclusion.”  —BookList advanced review  
Releasing on Sept 20, 2022, you can order Perils of Sea and Sky at Rising Action!