Polar Borealis Magazine’s #8 now online.

SF Canada member Richard Graeme Cameron, publisher of Polar Borealis, released issue #8 in December.

Polar Borealis Magazine is a non-profit, semi-professional SF fiction magazine which is free to anyone who wants to read it.  This Canadian magazine actively encourages beginning Canadian writers to submit short stories and poems. Since its inception in 2016, Polar Borealis has been downloaded thousands of times in dozens of countries and has featured many works by SF Canada members.

This issue has stories by Steve Fahnestalk, Sheryl Normandeau, Stewart Graham, Jean-Louis Trudel, Nicholas Stillman, Eddie Generous, David F. Shultz, and Matthew Hughes; poems by Roxanne Barbour, Catherine Girczyc, Rhea Rose, Y.M. Pang, Melissa Yuan-Innes, Casey June Wolf, and Augustus Clark; cover art by Lily Author; and an illustration by Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk.

As well as running Polar Borealis, Graeme blogs at Amazing Stories and volunteers many hours at local science fiction events and associations.

Download issue #8 as a .pdf.

Help support Polar Borealis via GoFundMe and Patreon and watch for issue #9 soon!

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