Peter Halasz

Peter_HalaszAn Aurora Award winner, Peter Halasz wears, and has worn a few hats with respect to Canadian Speculative Fiction. Like many, he began by reading it. Then,
unlike most, he began to collect it it. Marginalizing himself even further, he began to study it as an independent scholar. His work has been published in The
New York Review of SF
, The Scream Factory and in The Dictionary of Literary Biography, he also serves as an occasional consultant to The Encyclopedia of
Science Fiction (3rd ed.).

He is particularly chuffed to have been the only non-writer, non-academy affiliated guest at the Science Fiction Foundation’s Conference on Commonwealth
SF&F in Liverpool.

Organizationally he has served on the BoD of the Friends of the Merril Collection and is serving on the governing BoD of the World Fantasy Convention. He is
one of the founders and one of the administrators of the Sunburst Award.

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